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You can rock your own stylish ACT UP shirts like the ones below! Visit our store to pick out what you want and get it shipped right to you. 30% of the price goes to support ACT UP's work to bring justice to people with HIV and those at risk of infection. The other 70% goes to CafePress...

Want a cheaper shirt? Come to a meeting!

So, support us, and look cool. What could be better?

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ACT UP Meetings

Every Monday night
St. Luke’s Church
330 S. 13th St
Between Pine & Spruce

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ACT UP has an announcement list that anyone can join. You will learn about actions we are organizing, parties we’re planning that you can’t miss, and other events that ACT UP thinks you should know about.

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ACT UP is an all-volunteer organization, and we rely on your support to campaign for the rights of people with HIV in Philly and worldwide. Please support us with a donation today.

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