7 of us went to Tom Wolf's fundraiser in Mt. Airy tonight. Next week, ACT UP members are meeting with his staff to discuss a plan for an AIDS-free generation, modeled on the plan released by NY Governor Cuomo a few weeks ago. Our goal for being at the fundraiser was to make sure Wolf saw us and got his staff is ready to meet with us next week and talk seriously about developing a plan for an AIDS-free generation.

5 people waited outside with signs in the hopes that Wolf would see us as he drove in, and 2 went inside to try and have a proper conversation with him. The outside crew stood at the end of the driveway -- and Wolf stopped to talk to them on his way in. He said "Did I do something wrong?" to which we replied, "no, but you have a real chance to do something right!"

ACT UP members wait for Tom Wolf to arrive at his fundraiser.

ACT UP members wait for Tom Wolf to arrive at his fundraiser.

When he arrived inside the fundraiser, we gave him a copy of the press release from Gov Cuomo about their plan (which Charlie ever so smartly thought to bring!) and Wolf said "oh yea, I saw you guys outside too. Tell me more..." and then promised to review the plan and consider it seriously.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us!

AuthorKaytee Riek