As a Gubernatorial Candidate, Tom Wolf made commitments to ending AIDS in PA by 2020, and agreed to make it a public announcement, signing on to specific steps that would facilitate that. Now that he is Governor, his office will not return calls, faxes, and emails to people with HIV/AIDS. 

How do we begin to dream of Ending AIDS and acting to make that dream possible?

There are tangible, logical and fiscally efficient ways -- Governor Wolf can do the following:

  • People with HIV that are on consistent HIV medication are not infectious. The new prevention one pill a day stops people from being infected, especially people at high risk. Make PreP accessible to all communities.
  • Housing people with AIDS gives them a roof and water to store and take meds, and not exchange sex to give them a respite from harsh weather or an opportunity to bathe.  House people with HIV!
  • Clean syringes have already decreased the percentage of HIV positive people who use injection drugs- from ~50% when the epidemic began, to less then ~10% in Philadelphia where people have access to clean needles. Make clean syringes accessible statewide!

These are just a few ways Governor Wolf can make an impact. ACT UP has been uncharacteristically patient on this issue, but people with AIDS are dying in the street. Infections rates are rising in Latino and Black MSM communities, especially the Trans community. We are tired of waiting while people are infected and the homeless die. HIV is now preventable and treatable. Our elected officials don't have the political will to make it happen. Lets assist them in adjusting their priorities.

Please join us at 8 AM Busses leave from Broad and Walnut, Thursday, October 29th! Food and Tokens Provided.

AuthorMax Ray-Riek